Daniel Forster

Daniel was an inspiring song-writer who played at Floorspot between 2006 and 2013. His first Floorspot was on the Wachtberg, when he waited hours before he could get up on stage. Anyone who saw him play that night will remember him - he left a lasting impression. Daniel played at Floorspot in a number of formations, including with Sasha Wenzel under the them "Das Weizen Imperium", with Gregor Gal, and for many years he performed his original and touching Christmas song with Bruno Skorepa and Christian Fuchs. He will be missed.

Daniel Forster - Hanfthal - Floorspot Open-Air - September 1st 2007 (mp3)
Daniel Forster - Der Wasserfall - Floorspot - 29th March 2007 (mp3)