Open-Air - 21st July 2018 - Tausendblum

The open-air Floorspot this year is on Saturday 21st July at Nebo's house in the Tausendblum in Neulengbach, Lower Austria. Nebo did a flyer for it with all the info. Thanks once again for hosting the open air!

If you want to download the flyer in English and German, it's here.

Floorspot on first Thursday and 3rd Thursday in month for 2018

Floorspot will be on the first Thursday and the 3rd Thursday in the month for 2018. This was requested by Tachles. Here's to many happy and interesting evenings together. Prosit Neu Jahr!

Floorspot T-Shirts

Floorspot t-shirts will be available soon in two designs. Take a look and drop Jonnie a line, if you would like one.

More live videos from the January Floorspot

Some more live videos from the January Floorspot are now online.

Floorspot on Facebook

There's a Floorspot facebook group, for those of you who want to join

Live videos from the January Floorspot

Some of the live videos from the January Floorspot are now online.

Thanks to Renate Stuefer for filming!

Falter - Best Of Vienna 2009

Floorspot has been featured in Falter's Best of Vienna for the second year running!

Falter - Best Of Vienna 2008

Floorspot has been mentioned in Falter's Best of Vienna 2008 :-)

Here's to another 10 years!

The most people on the Floorspot stage ever!

Thank you to everyone for making it a very special birthday for me :-)


Floorspot CD - For a start ...

The first Floorspot CD "Floorspot - for a start" was released on the 28th November 2002 at Cafe Tachles.

Thirteen songs recorded live at Floorspot between September 2001 and January 2002.

The CD is currently out of stock, although a digital distribution of it may well be released.