The next Floorspot is in

Cafe Tachles
Karmeliterplatz 1
1020 Vienna
+43 1 212 0358
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Floorspot has now been in Cafe Tachles for years (thank you Helmut!), and looks forward to many more years there (thank you Daniel!).
There is usually an open-air in the Summer on the Wachtberg (thank you Dieter!), and there have been a number of Floorspots in other locations

Hotel Donauwalzer
Cafe Tachles
Arnstein Höhle
Elsarn Freilichtmuseum
Schwarzenbach Freilichtmuseum
Burgstall Freilichtmuseum
Wachtberg / Kunst in der Natur
Agora Bühne
Augarten - TBA21

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