Floorspot has been going since 1998.
For those of you who like lists, here's one of who played at which Floorspot (since I started keeping track :-)

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18th December 2003
Cafe Tachles

Gregor Rauchenberger
Alex Anders
Clemens Rauchenwald
Oezlem Suemerol, Oencel Secgin
Christoph Schütz
Paul Wokk, Jonnie White , Alex Nantschev , Kerstin Steiner
Renate Hornstein

27th November 2003
Cafe Tachles

Jonnie White
Gregor Rauchenberger
Cori Liebhart , Senad Grahovic, Christian Benedikt a.k.a. Benny
Tom Lackner , Claudia Marhold, Christopher Kaspar
Walter Czerny
Alex Anders
Oencel Secgin, Oezlem Suemerol
Virgil Segal
Maria Zikesch

30th October 2003
Cafe Tachles

Aramis Gehberger
Tom Lackner
Fr. Ulli, Alex Anders
Oencel Secgin
Christian Benedikt a.k.a. Benny , Senad Grahovic
Gregor Rauchenberger
Clemens Rauchenwald, Christoph Schütz
Kerstin Steiner , Jonnie White
Jimmy $, Marc Miner
Martin Gal
Mat Herskowitz